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Full range of services, including, but not restricted to:

MoTs £29.65.

Servicing to manufacturer specifications, from as little as £90.00.


Repairs and rebuilds, very competitive prices.





Engine upgrades.

Performance upgrades.

Used motorcycles sales (part exchanges welcome).

Insurance work.

All manufacturer upgrades.

Harley-Davidson, Victory & Indian Stage 1.

Customisation and personalisation services.

Manufacturer servicing information:

Did you know, that to maintain a new, or used, motorcycle warranty it doesn't have to be serviced by the manufacturer dealership? The warranty is maintained as long as the garage completing the work is VAT registered, all parts used are of an equal or higher quality than the manufacturers and all the work is carried out to the manufacturer specifications, and by a suitably qualified person.

We use Lucas oil, developed over many years on both the racetrack, off road and on road, this really is the finest available and it has a proven record, regarded by many, us included, to be the best available However, other brands, and manufacturers oils, available upon request.

With factory trained technicians to hand, we feel we offer the best care for your bike at a reasonable price. 50cc and 125cc servicing from just £90.00. 600cc to 900cc bike services start from just £160. 900cc and up bike services start from just £180.

Harley-Davidson servicing:

We specialise in Harley-Davidson servicing and pride ourselves on offering an exceptional service, we try to exceed the manufacturer requirements whilst being more cost effective than a Harley Davidson main dealer. Costs:

Annual oil change - engine oil, filter, no stamp in book: £100.00

1st service, all models, special price with no hidden extras: £240.00

5000 mile service, from: £230.00

10000 mile service, from: £260.00

15000 mile service, from: £230.00

20000 mile service, from: £260.00 (Softail & Touring models TBC as they require head bearings check)

25000 mile service, from: £230.00

30000 mile service, from: TBC (due to head bearings)

35000 mile service, from: £230.00

40000 mile service, from: £260.00

45000 mile service, from: £230.00

50000 mile service, from: TBC (due to head bearings)

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