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The business was established in September 2011 and consists of 4 permanent staff and a number of sub contracted business partners, some of which are also located in the shop. Completely customer focused, our ethos is to exceed customer expectations wherever possible, with an exceptional work ethic, ensuring the highest standards are met, but at an affordable price. Celtic Motorcycles is the place for all bikers to feel welcome, comfortable and have a place to hang out and talk bikes over a coffee and not feel rushed or pressured into purchasing anything. Also, we have the best banter in Wales, if not the UK. What really sets apart from other bike shops is our passion and commitment to you, the customer. The shop is run by bikers, for bikers, and we view fellow riders as family. From the moment you walk in, you'll feel the difference and be treated like an individual.

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Mike “Pepe the Hat” Pugh, an “eccentric” character, Pep spent over 20 years in the Royal Air Force, serving in many area’s including Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan, retiring in December 2009; he then went into the bike business immediately afterwards. Since then he’s worked for Yamaha, Victory and Harley-Davidson, but always preferred the independent dealers, feeling they offer a better and more personal service for bikers. Pepe gets an honourable mention at the top of this list, even though he no longer works here. He's like a bad smell, we just can't get rid of him. He spends half his time here helping out with advice but mostly giving Bill and the staff grief. Pepe shaped the business into what it is now; a place where we all feel at home and love what we do.

Bill  "Buffalo Wings" Carey, is the owner and senior technician/workshop manager and all round mechanical know it all. Multi factory trained and very adept at older and modern bikes, both 2 and 4 stroke. Loves being on the tools and is happiest learning new applications and diagnosing/investigating a problem. The only thing that makes him happier is cake and saturated fats, yum. Bill is very task orientated and often works late just to see a job through.


Nige "The Rat" Ratford, old school mechanic trained by the Royal Air Force, where he served for 7 years, in all manner of mechanical engineering. Exceptional on older engines, carbs and fault finding, also very adept at electrics and a bit of fabrication. Very quiet and unassuming his actions speak far louder than his words. Although he looks in his mid 60's he's actually quite young, uphill paper round in Beirut it seems, definitely an old head on young (ish) shoulders and an integral part of the team. Has a real love of "tired" bikes, basically the rougher the better for him, big into the rat scene.

Mark "Axeman" Anderton, our head fabricator and custom guru. The staff father figure, always the voice of reason and offers balanced input to every discussion. Been welding and building custom bikes since he was a young lad and completed many high end builds in his home workshop, happy to work with any style including trikes. Also a font of all knowledge, on British and older bikes in particular, a real all rounder. Very well educated (a bit posh), he often just stands there shaking his head as the rest of the crew argue, bicker and generally try to make each others existence a misery.

Wired Iron, covers all our electrics and is also a wealth of knowledge for all things custom, Harley and British in particular. Although initially working here to just do the electrics, he now advises and helps out in many other area’s and has become an integral part of the team. He tends to take charge of all the classic stuff we get in, has a particular love of all things Norton. Ex Royal Navy, with vast engineering experience, he really is a salty old sea dog.

Although a sub contractor, he's in the shop just as much as the permanent staff and is a great asset to the Celtic team.


Each member of the crew has a  diverse knowledge, experience and skill set, making each job and customer experience bespoke for the customers needs. However, they all have a real love and passion for all things motorcycle, and are true bikers at heart.

Our business partners are varied, having worked with these guys for quite some time we have a very strong relationship. We are confident that our partners are at the peak of their chosen professions and offer the best services available.


We pride ourselves on offering the best service of any shop, Celtic Motorcycles is run by bikers for bikers.

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