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Full range of custom services, including, but not restricted to:

  • All manufacturers catered for.

  • Personalisation projects.

  • Rebuilds.

  • Basic restorations.

  • Custom parts.

  • Softail conversions for Harley-Davidson Sportsters.

  • Bolt on custom work.

  • Stage 1 systems.

  • Engine upgrades, including Harley-Davidson 883 to 1200 conversion.

  • Performance upgrades.

  • High lift cams.

  • Used motorcycle sales.

  • Part exchange welcome.

  • Full electrical service, from rectifying a fault to a fully bespoke loom.

Full build information:

***NOTES*** please read carefully.


We specialise in personalisation projects, Chopper, Bobber, Bar Hopper and Café Racer style customs, examples of which can be found on our Facebook page.  However, there are many other options are available please discuss your needs with a member of the crew.


Delivery from £100.00.



Please read carefully.


Completion date for personalisation projects:

Where possible, we try to give an approximate date of completion, this is the date where the bike is ready for collection/delivery. However, as is the way with all custom builds, a degree of flexibility is required to ensure the bike is of the quality and style you’d expect; supply of parts, paint and fabrication can cause delays that are out of our control and there are other factors that can affect our initial timings. With this in mind, we advise that the build time is a guideline only and not a guarantee of completion. If a specific completion date is required, please discuss at the initial booking stage and we will advise further.



In accordance with Consumer Rights and Trading Standards guidelines, all used motorcycles we sell are supplied with a statutory 3 month parts and labour warranty that covers all engine, mechanical and electrical items. The warranty does not cover consumable items, such as battery, cables, brake pads/discs, tyres, chain/belt, sprockets etc. We do take every precaution to ensure all bikes are sold in the best possible condition, each bike is thoroughly prepared and serviced prior to sale, unless stated otherwise. If you wish to have an extended warranty, in excess of 3 months, speak with a staff member who can advise and assist you in alternative warranty providers. However, we will often offer a solution for consumable failure as a goodwill gesture within the 1st month after sale.


Warranty does not cover work carried out by any garage other than ourselves, taking the bike to have warranty work rectified by another garage may void your warranty.

Warranty does not cover delivery and/or collection of vehicles in the event of a breakdown, this is the customer’s responsibility, unless agreed beforehand.

Warranty does not cover rider neglect.


Maintenance & upkeep:

Regular maintenance is essential to the serviceability and reliability. All bikes need a basic level of care and attention to ensure smooth running and serviceability. With that in mind we advise a weekly check of all bikes, including cleaning, battery care, and corrosion treatment where required (ACF50 is the best in our opinion); also, chain/belt adjustment, cleaning and re-oiling where necessary may be required.

If the bike is not used on a frequent basis then a trickle charger should be used, an Optimate 3 or 4 is the best, this will ensure the battery is kept in prime condition and will extend the life and serviceability of the battery.

Large capacity bikes, V Twins in particular, use a lot of the batteries power to start the bike, it will take approximately 45 minutes of riding to put this power back into the battery. Therefore, stop/start, and short bursts of riding will deplete the battery prematurely. Letting the bike idle for a short time will not recharge the battery.

If not kept indoors a quality motorcycle cover and ACF50 (corrosion treatment) should be used. Be aware even if a bike cover is used condensation can build up causing deterioration.

Different bikes handle and perform differently to one and other, we suggest a period of careful riding to get used to the handling of your new bike.


We advise all our customers to contact us regarding any technical or mechanical queries; we aim to have an experienced and knowledgeable mechanic call customers back within 24 hours of their message being received.


Celtic Motorcycles Ltd is in no way affiliated with, sponsored by, or authorized by any manufacturer. Any reference to manufacturers is made solely for identification purposes and is not intended to create any confusion or deception in the marketplace.


Please contact a member of the Celtic team if you have any queries or wish to discuss a build further.

Celtic Motorcycles Ltd, Tel: 01685 870070, email:, web:

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